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"Adieu To A Friend"

You have been my creator of joy, pride, tears and patience. You were there when first I wanted to sew. When I took garments apart to see how they were made. You helped me master the art of making Easter garments for my babies.

Together we began a journey, for beyond my dreams, finishing a beautiful red sweater, in time to welcome a new baby boy into this world. Both of you followed me to faraway places, sometimes, you hid in closets, bedroom & basements, but you always allowed me to find you put you in my arms. And sit you on the kitchen table, where you would hum to me, a lovely melody. The baby boy beside us, soon learned to make many lovely "tank tops," and only wore the jump suits we made for him.

We made "tutus'" and danced with "Gnat Wings" of shiny glitter. Garments-for three daughters, fit for the princesses they are, the children left the nest. We' then had wedding gowns, flower girl dresses and garments for grand children.

You spent many Christmas' with me, waking me early in the morning to your hummm, beckoning me, to start the presents, of sweater, robes and pillows:

You closed your ears to my "Lumber jack" language, as if not to hear, but never scolding or refusing to work with me, you felt the tears of disappointment, always encouraging me to go on and that I did, always with your help.

Times you were tired and didn't feel well, your friend would come, sit by your side, listen to you, then tell you, "things will be alright, I'll just give you a couple shots of O.I.L. don't roar your motor for 24 hours, take two aspirin and call me in the morning."

You would continue to work long hours for me, never complaining.

I have now gotten tired. My eyes have dimmed; my hands can no longer do the dainty, delicate, work we once did.

It's time for you to go on without me. I know you will bring the same joy to someone else you have given to me all through the years.

Farewell Bernina. There have been many before you, but you will remain the "chosen" one.

Marianne J Bires


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