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  • AP Adams (1847-1925) was a Methodist clergyman and pastor of a church at Beverly, Massachusetts. He was also the author of The True Basis of Redemption and Bible Harmony published a newsletter entitled The SPIRIT of the Word. We don't know how many editions were published. Scripture Studies Concern published in a book issues from March, 1885 to February, 1886.

  • Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) was a Universalist author and evangelist. She was also an active supporter of the women's suffrage and temperance movements. She came from a Quaker background and was involved in the Holiness movement in the United States and the Higher Life Movement in Great Britain. Her book about Christian mysticism and practical Holiness theology, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, was a tremendous bestseller in her time and is still widely read today. Another book she wrote was her personal testimony of coming to believe in a loving God and the salvation of all: The Unselfishness of God and How I Discovered It. Many of today's reprintings of the book omit the chapters promoting Universalism, because it is contrary to the doctrines of the Evangelical Christian publishers, but the original full text is available on the internet.

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