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Letters From Abba

My Beautiful Child,

Beautiful, you ask? How could you be beautiful when you feel so damaged, like such a mess? You are beautiful, dear one, because you are fearfully and wonderfully made, because you are meant for so much more than you realize, because you are my creation, and you are beautiful to me.

 Yes, there is darkness in you. There are things you have thought, said, and done that have been harmful to you and others.

Yes, you still have much to learn, and you are a flower that has not yet opened fully, that is yet opening its petals to drink in the spring rain and the light of the warm sun.

You have not yet reached your full potential and you are aware of this, even painfully aware of it at times.

But in spite of all of this, you are still beautiful to me. I see the light of my handiwork in you, and not every thought, word, or action of yours has been wrong, even if you may sometimes feel that everything is wrong.

I work in you and through you more than you know, my child. You are my student, and you are learning, even if it feels like you're learning nothing at all.

You are a flower in my garden, and you are growing, even if you may feel like you're stunted in your growth.

And my grace is the rain that falls on you, my love is the warm sun that shines on you.

And though you may feel far from me now, far from the truth, far from home, you are nearer than you think.

My kingdom is within you, and I am with you, I am here, listening, caring, understanding, sustaining, healing, redeeming.

Trust in my grace and my love. You don't need to muster up the passion or the strength within yourself to make everything right.

You have found time and time again that this is something you simply cannot do, that you simply cannot fix everything in the world, or even within yourself.

But do not be discouraged; don't give up, for you don't need to. That is not your responsibility. It never has been, nor will it ever be.

You have your part to play, the calling to be who I created you to be, and I am with you even in that, but just leave the big picture, of the world and of your life, in my hands.

I will take care of everything, I will take care of you, I will provide.

You may not see how that can be now, but you will see in time, I assure you.

But for now, take each day as it comes to you, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

And remember that my compassion is never failing, and is new every day, and remains even in the night, even in your darkest hours.

I remember that you are dust, and I remember that you are mine, I remember you, even as you struggle and wander.

I know it is hard for you to believe these things, or even to believe in me, that I am real and here with you, that it is hard for you to embrace that, and me, fully.

But a seed of faith, of hope, of life, though small, is still a beginning.

A spark can, under the right conditions, be turned into a fire, burning warm and bright.

I have a knack for starting fires, by the way, but not in the way many may think, who are misinformed, or who misunderstand.

I am not interested in destruction, but I am interested in creation, I am not interested in condemnation, but I am interested in restoration.

I am interested in the world, as well as all the cosmos, I am interested in each and every person, and I am interested in you.

And why am I interested? Because my desire and will is to be all in all, and this includes you, beloved.

Just as you are mine, I am yours.

I am the rock you can stand on in the midst of all the storms, I am your strength and your refuge, I am your healer and your counselor, I am your father and your mother, I am your friend and your lover. I am everything that you need in your innermost being. I am light, I am love. And I am here, and I always will be. 

 Truly and tenderly,





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