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Writing Journal of Marianne J Bires

May 19, 1927-October 18, 2010


Whenever you see a rainbow, search for me;
I will be dancing on its bow with you in my arms

Whenever you see a bird in flight;
I will be on its wing; with a song for you

I will be in every flower in bloom,
My love will be forever in its fragrances

I will be in the strength of every ocean wave,
To bring you comfort when you need it
                                                                                I will be there.

Look to the evening stars,
And listen for a lullaby and good night kiss.
                                                                                I will be there.

                             You were my dance of joy
                             My song in flight
                             You were my life
                                                                              You were there.

My Darlings I leave you with all my love.

Marianne J Bires

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