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"The Pin"

Thirty seven years ago.

A mother had four beautiful babies, ages 6, 7, 8 and 9.
Every year as "Mothers Day" approaches, she can see their 
little faces, with hands open to receive their 10¢ allowance to go downtown Butte, to buy the best gift ever.

In their best 88¢ boxer jeans, they enter the 5 and 10 cent
store. There they see the most beautiful shiny pin in the whole

Their faces, saddened, when told the pin costs 50¢. because
together they only had 4 dimes.

But the store is called 5 and 10¢. How can it cost 50¢ they
ask? With no answer, they run back home, and with sad eyes
looking at their Dad, they tell him about the "beautiful pin" and
ask can we please have another dime? Looking into their eyes -
Dad says how can I say no -

Holding hands they go back down town, and with five dimes,
they buy "the pin.

The mother was heavy with child." Oh God, was she heavy.
Through the years the baby girl, had a fond attachment to
"the pin" - and made sure the Mother wore it on Mother's Day. As
did her baby brother.

The years go by. And every Mother's Day the children call
even from Missoula.

Happy Mother's Day. Are you wearing "the pin?"

The Mother is now old and serving a very rich man whose
money can buy Diamonds, Silver and Gold.

The old woman smiles because she knows that all of his money
can never buy, the most beautiful pin in the whole wide world
that was given to her, with such love 37 years ago.

Marianne J Bires


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